SVGImprint Windows

SVGImprint Windows 1.0

SVG Imprint for Windows is a conversion application that converts PDF to SVG
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1.0 (See all)

SVG Imprint for Windows is a format conversion application that converts Portable Document Format (PDF) files into Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) files. SVG is a XML based W3C standard that can be rendered in a browser using commonly available free plugins. The resulting SVG files maintain the presentation layout of the original PDF including all embedded fonts and vector graphics.

- Extremely simple user interface
- Converts entire PDF document or specific set of pages at a time
- Dynamic previews of svg pages as they are converted
- Built in support for TrueType, Type1, Type3, and CID fonts
- Uses matterCast's SVGOptimizer engine to produce highly compact SVG
- Optionally generate Compressed SVG
- Maintains fonts embedded in the PDF document
- Extract raster images as separate files.
- Maintains internal and external hyperlinks.
- Supports CMYK color space

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